SharePoint Apps with a Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) enabled Web Application

SharePoint, SharePoint Apps, SharePoint Workflow
Recently I’ve been trying to enable Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) in an instance of SharePoint which also has some Apps (SharePoint Add-Ins) installed. The issue was that the calls issued from these apps – which use OAuth2 to authenticate their...
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Using DynamicValue to POST to a SharePoint WCF Service

Code Samples, SharePoint, SharePoint Workflow
One of the things I gave a lot of attention to recently was how to call a SharePoint-hosted, WCF service from within a SharePoint workflow. Specifically, I needed to send an email to an external email address – an user...
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How-to: Project Online PSI

Code Samples, Office 365, Project Server, SharePoint
Updated: Part 2 of this article, updated for SharePoint 2016 / Project Online. When using Project Server on-premises, custom applications were bound to use PSI services. In Project Online 2013, the interface of choice is now CSOM, and officially, PSI...
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Finding the customized template for a SharePoint web

Code Samples, SharePoint
When you save a site as a template and subsequently create new sites based on that template, there is no easy way to retrieve the customized site template the new sites were created from. This is because when creating a...
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Creating SharePoint ribbon elements in JavaScript

Code Samples, SharePoint, SharePoint Apps
When developing SharePoint 2013 hosted Apps, you might want to add a ribbon to your App pages. But, you’re limited on using javascript as no server-side scripting is allowed. This article explains how to add a new button to...
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SharePoint, Tools
One of the common scenarios when troubleshooting a SharePoint solution is to look in the ULS logs for the lines that are marked with a specfic corellation identifier. However, log files can become quite large over time and the...
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