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A Handmade Christmas

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It’s nearly Christmas and it’s time to give!
This year, UMT Software is presenting – “A Handmade Christmas” – a project created to help the children from Casa de tip familial Maria Gabriel: 7 wonderful girls between 7 and 18 years old, with no family.

Together with the girls, UMT’s elves have created glittering decorations for Christmas. All the decorations were bought by UMT Software. The money goes to “Casa de tip familial Maria Gabriel”.
May they have a Merry Christmas!


A handmade Christmas - day 1


1st Episode: Santa’s elves, 27/11/2014
Location: “Casa de tip familial Maria Gabriel”.
Creative minds and skillful hands, when put together, can do magic – from stars and Christmas decorations to happy little faces and joyful people.

A handmade Christmas - day 2


2nd Episode: Santa’s headquarter, 05/12/2014

Location: UMT Software’s office
Santa’s elves are rushing to finish the decorations, as Christmas is near.
Check out the pictures to see the result!


A handmade Christmas - day 3


3rd Episode: Waiting for Christmas, 11/12/2014

Location: UMT Software’s office

We decorate our office with the glittering decorations created.

Dear Santa, we are ready for you!

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