Sample reports over Portfolio Manager

BI, UMT360
UMT360 Portfolio Manager – integrated with Microsoft PPM platform can be used to conduct “What If” scenarios or check the possible changes across Cost, Benefits, Resources and other dimensions. Bellow, we will show two sample Power BI Reports over...
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Better Business Decisions with Microsoft Power BI

In a world of data-driven decisions, collecting the right data, identifying key areas, analyzing data and turning insights into actions can help to uncover hidden patterns and make strategic decisions. Power BI facilitates the delivery of great and interactive...
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UMTSoftware coffee cup collection

Has it ever crossed your mind to rethink creativity as a skill, not a talent?   We encourage you to train it! It turns out that if you are open to experience, it is highly possible to do just...
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How to speed up your learning process with a Community of Practice (CoP)

Events, Internship
If you followed us during our Internship Summer 2019 campaign, then you are familiar with the material we have chosen for the UBB Workshop and the UTCN JobShop. What was particularly tough about it is that we took this...
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Creating a dropdown menu in a SharePoint Online ribbon with JavaScript

Code Samples, SharePoint, SharePoint Apps
This article will explain how you can add a new Dropdown to the SharePoint Ribbon using JavaScript only. This script was developed and tested by adding the “.js” file containing all the bellow code to a content editor webpart...
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Summer Internship 2018

Our colleagues  Cezara Moldovan, Alexandra Pop, Raluca Georgiana Albuș and Liliana Pîrv  formerly interns of  UMT Software`s Summer Internship 2018 shared with us their experience during this exciting journey. It was not an easy one, but they were not alone...
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project online psi

How-to: Project Online PSI (part 2)

Code Samples, Office 365, Project Server, Tools
A while ago I wrote a tutorial on how to use the old style Project Server Interfaces (PSI) with Project Online. In the meantime the Project Online team deprecated a few PSI interfaces, but some others are still available. The...
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