UMT Software girls attended the third edition of Girls in Tech and enjoyed it!

The purpose of the Girls in Tech community is to inspire and support all women who are connected or want to connect with the technological field. In this edition Melania Galea, a passionate developer, revealed her life and career...
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38% creştere a cifrei de afaceri pentru UMT Software, în primul semestru din 2014

Press Releases
Compania UMT Software din Cluj Napoca, producător software de soluţii pentru managementul proiectelor, a realizat în primul semestru al anului 2014 o creştere a cifrei de afaceri de 38% faţă de primul semestru al anului precedent. Această creştere se...
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Finding the customized template for a SharePoint web

Code Samples, SharePoint
When you save a site as a template and subsequently create new sites based on that template, there is no easy way to retrieve the customized site template the new sites were created from. This is because when creating a...
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Creating SharePoint ribbon elements in JavaScript

Code Samples, SharePoint, SharePoint Apps
When developing SharePoint 2013 hosted Apps, you might want to add a ribbon to your App pages. But, you’re limited on using javascript as no server-side scripting is allowed. This article explains how to add a new button to...
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SharePoint, Tools
One of the common scenarios when troubleshooting a SharePoint solution is to look in the ULS logs for the lines that are marked with a specfic corellation identifier. However, log files can become quite large over time and the...
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Project Server 2013 Remote Event Handlers

Code Samples, Office 365, Project Server, SharePoint
A new feature in Project Server 2013 is the Remote Event Handlers. Those who worked with 2010 version know that to write a server event one needed to: – create an assembly containing the server event handlers – create...
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Authenticating in Office 365

Code Samples, Office 365, SharePoint
The following SharePoint 2013 code will connect to Office 365 and load the Web properties using CSOM: ClientContext spctxt = new ClientContext(url); SharePointOnlineCredentials cred = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(username, SecureStringFromString(password)); spctxt.Credentials = cred; spctxt.Load(spctxt.Web); spctxt.ExecuteQuery(); For both 2013 and 2010 versions,...
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