Bubbling up: What is internship all about?


An internship is a precious experience, which can give you the opportunity to explore, develop and learn new skills in a company, with professional employees. You can call it “a moment” of opportunity when you can have a preview of what a career in a specific field or profession might look like.

Each internship program can be different from working hours, mentorship, payment, technologies, company culture, and even the opportunities to be an employee. It can be challenging to find the most satisfying experience. However, when you do find it, we hope that it will be at least as good as the experience our interns have at UMT Software.

My experience at UMT Software so far has been one that has helped me get out of my comfort zone, especially with the summer internship as a starting point, which has taught me what a programmer really means, how a company runs, but also how much it means to work in a friendly and welcoming environment, full of people who are always eager to teach and support you. This makes me feel part of a family here, not part of some regular job.
After almost a year of working for this company, I can say that it has helped me evolve, both professionally and personally, and I have met many beautiful people who have helped me achieve a lot.

From the very beginning, I want to say that the people you work with are very important. I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful and fun people that helped me become a better programmer during the internship period. I also got more from the product team after that. The internship was for me the basis of what followed, learning a lot by improving my back-end knowledge and discovering how amazing it is to work with the front-end technology without much experience on this side (almost none 😊). Also, besides the technological aspects, I felt for the first time what it felt like to really work in a team, on an application. I saw how to implement everyone’s ideas to build the best possible product. I consider the last summer’s experience was very useful for my development, putting into practice in my daily work what I learned then (and of course what followed 😊). 

Learning can be fun with the right people.

Internship: un cuvant atat de simplu si totusi un cuvant care imi trezeste nenumarate amintiri frumoase care m-au facut programatorul de azi. Imi aduc cu foarte mult drag aminte de cele doua luni petrecute ca intern chiar daca in mare parte am lucrat de acasa. In primele zile m-am simtit ca un copil care face trecerea de la gradinita la scoala, eram uimita de tot ceea ce vedeam si auzeam si imi doream sa aflu cat mai multe si cat mai repede, sa cunosc cat mai multe persoane si sa fiu 200% prezenta in fiecare zi. Am avut placerea de a lucra intr-o echipa frumoasa, cu mentori de la care am avut foarte multe de invatat.

Dupa aproape un an in companie ma simt la fel de entuziasmata de colectiv si de ceea ce lucrez in fiecare zi. Cel mai mult ma bucura ca pe oricine intreb primesc un raspuns detaliat si calculat. Cred ca dorinta de a ajuta, calmul si tratarea cu egalitate a fiecarui coleg, indiferent de pozitia pe care o are in companie, sunt elemente pe care ma bucur ca le-am gasit la UMT Software.

In fiecare zi ma trezesc si intru cu drag sa lucrez si sa invat lucruri noi. Mai mult decat atat, vin cu drag sa imi revad colegii, sa stam la o poveste cu o cafea buna in mana. Ma simt norocoasa ca am ajuns sa lucrez intr-o astfel de companie si mereu imi voi aduce aminte cu drag de primul meu “aici”.

My goal was to find a secure and solid company with a trustworthy organizational culture and a high reputation.
UMT Software is a suitable place to start your career, a place of continuous learning, a company with positive energy that knows how to treat people. A place where you will find satisfaction, growth, and knowledge enlargement in your professional path.
Because I was carefully guided during my internship and was able to see considerable progress compared to what I learned during my college years, I chose to pursue a career at UMT Software.  

To be honest, at first, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had never worked before, until this last summer and I didn’t know how life was going to be outside the university.
The first day was when we all got to know each other. We were a mix of people from diverse backgrounds and universities, welcomed with open arms by the UMT family. That day was the first page of my UMT journey because I met wonderful people from whom I had learned a lot of things.
Mentors were not just mentors (not just work stuff and that’s all). They were always ready to help us, even when we asked for obvious things. They were the people who helped us take the first step in our career, and more than that we became friends. They were our first UMT ‘parents’.
The most significant thing I learned as an intern was teamwork. I really enjoyed working as a team on a small project in which we were able to learn and get familiar with the technologies used in the company (React + Asp .NET), thus narrowing the difference between university and working in a company.
After my internship, I was assigned to the product department in a team from which I continued to learn about UMT products and teamwork. This is the team in which I was able to grow professionally and socially, because we were not just teammates, but friends, we were a family.

A year ago, I started my summer internship here at UMT: as a scared little student, applying for the first time for a work opportunity. In the chaotic mess that job interviews are, this was a refreshing stop with friendly people asking me about my interests, helping me feel comfortable, and wanting to get to know me. Further down the road, I was happy to receive all the help I needed to get started from my amazing mentors: tutorials, meetings, table tennis breaks, and gossip in the kitchen. I felt like our internship project was personal and creative. We had the most fun doing it and learned both tech skills and teamwork in the process. The community has been nothing but helpful, and I quickly got accustomed and was excited to stick around as an employee after the internship project. Even after starting work, the team has been incredibly supportive of my balancing work and university. As a newcomer to the industry, I feel like this has been a wonderful experience for me :).

Before the internship at UMT Software, I didn’t have many expectations. I only wanted to learn more things to add to my skill books and make friends along the way and this internship exceeded my expectations. Not only that I learned more about modern technologies, but the fact that we worked in teams just like normal employees and learned about teamwork and SCRUM was amazing. The reason I chose UMT for the internship was that I liked the technologies that were used there. I am passionate about .Net and this was a big plus for me and my knowledge. The reason I chose to stay at UMT was that I wanted to experience what it was like to work on a single product at a company rather than outsourcing, and I loved working with React during the internship and I wanted to learn more about it. And now I don’t regret my decision. My colleagues are open-minded people who are willing to help me with everything I need to accommodate and grow as a developer and that’s more than I can ask for.

What about your internship experience? How was that?

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  • My name is Vulc Ionuț – Lucian and I am interested in an internship. I want to be part of your company and I am looking for an opportunity where I can acquire new skills that enrich my skill set, skills that I am passionate about, and that would hopefully help me to consolidate my career.


    Vulc Ionut-Lucian