Sample reports over Portfolio Manager

BI, UMT360
UMT360 Portfolio Manager – integrated with Microsoft PPM platform can be used to conduct “What If” scenarios or check the possible changes across Cost, Benefits, Resources and other dimensions. Bellow, we will show two sample Power BI Reports over...
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Better Business Decisions with Microsoft Power BI

In a world of data-driven decisions, collecting the right data, identifying key areas, analyzing data and turning insights into actions can help to uncover hidden patterns and make strategic decisions. Power BI facilitates the delivery of great and interactive...
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Consolidating Project Site List Data with a Scheduled SSRS Report

BI, Project Server
In the BI world, working with lots of clients implies dealing with lots of requests. While some of those requests might be reasonable and straightforward, some may require you to think outside the box and use unconventional methods to...
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