How to identify unused objects in Power BI

BI, Tools, UMT360
This is a combined solution that you can use to identify unused objects in a pbix file. The scope is to identify those measures and columns from your report that are not used at all and could possibly be...
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Sample reports over Portfolio Manager

BI, UMT360
UMT360 Portfolio Manager – integrated with Microsoft PPM platform can be used to conduct “What If” scenarios or check the possible changes across Cost, Benefits, Resources and other dimensions. Bellow, we will show two sample Power BI Reports over...
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O aplicaţie clujeană, “cea mai vizionară” din lume

News, Press Releases, UMT360
Programul UMT360 realizează o analiză financiară completă a firmelor Sursa DIGI24: “Cea mai vizionară” aplicaţie din lume a fost creată de o echipă de 70 de IT-işti din Cluj-Napoca. Este vorba de UMT360, un program de analiză financiară folosit...
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