First Aid course: knowledge we all hope we’ll never need to use


This course was a long and very detailed answer to “what if…?” What if my colleague is so caught up in our conversation that slips on the only stair in the whole office and breaks an arm? Of course he won’t die from it, but will I live to tell  the story about me staring at him and not knowing what to do?

We think we’re as safe as we can be. Then life happens. And first aid techniques are the ones that make the difference between life and death, between perfect recovery and living with scars. Between the satisfaction of a rescuer and the memory of a fear paralyzed witness.

It’s a good thing we all got to smile and laugh throughout the 3 days of learning about all sorts of accidents and injuries that can occur at the glimpse of an eye. We even had the chance to wipe the floor with our wanna be causalities or tie some bandages that were tighter than recommended. But we all took it so seriously that the course left us wanting to learn more.

All in all, the course was highly appreciated as a useful knowledge that all of us can take in our personal lives if need be.

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