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How-to: Project Online PSI (part 2)

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A while ago I wrote a tutorial on how to use the old style Project Server Interfaces (PSI) with Project Online. In the meantime the Project Online team deprecated a few PSI interfaces, but some others are still available.

The attached sample code reflects those changes and provides a Project Online client context enhanced with the available PSIs in Project Server 2016. Note that some of these will probably be deprecated in the future, so if you’re getting weird communication fault errors it’s likely the case. The sample itself calls into the PWA PSI and enumerates the list of projects.

Download the Project Online PSI Sample (updated) sample and please leave a comment.

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  • Great post, Ionut! I cannot run the sample code since I am missing references for the Iproject service contract. Any thoughts on where to obtain the dll? I am using Project Online. Thanks!

    • You need to reference the DLLs from the SharePoint 2016 on-premises. The IProject was removed, but most of its functionality is in the IPWA interface, the methods are prefixed with “Project”. For example, IProject.ReadProjectList became IPWA.ProjectReadProjectList.

  • Hi Lonut,

    Currently we are having Project Server 2010 code which we are planning to remediate for Project Online. I tried solution provided by you but Microsoft.Project.Server.Communication is missing and found in mentioned SharePoint 2016 on-premises. Colud you please help me to resolve this error.