“Înserare nutriţională” @ UMT Software


Lovely and instructive evening at UMT Software with Anca Ignat and Valentina Savu,

Nutrition is one of human primary needs, but we have a tendency to forget how important is for our lives what we eat daily.
It is this that we tried to remember at this seminar. We talked about nutrition and its importance in all our activities: which aliments are good for us and which are bad, the super aliments and their role in our nutrition. We learned how to improve our diet, boost our energy level and prevent disease.


UMT - Nutritie


Reasons to eat healthy:

  • You will fell more energized and have better concentration
  • You will be at a lower risk for many diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular ones
  • You will look GREAT! Glowing skin and healthy figures
  • You will sleep better and wake easier
  • You will feel more self confident!



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