My Experience at UMT Software FullStack Remote Academy


“When I found out about FullStack Remote Academy, I was a computer science graduate who was looking for a job in the IT field. I did not have a lot of frontend experience at the time and I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to build valuable skills. 

Remote Academy has been an amazing experience from beginning to end! During the 10 weeks long program, there were weekly presentations about certain concepts such as OOP, databases, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and more. Then, each of us gradually implemented a web application of our choice, based on the knowledge we gained. Our mentors were very friendly, and they treated us like part of the team from the beginning. Their presentations were very organized, and they were always prepared to answer any question in a concise and professional manner. What I enjoyed the most was the flexibility. Not only did I choose what application to develop, but I was also allowed to explore features beyond what the presentations covered. In the end, I managed to implement a complete web application that I am proud of! 

I recommend FullStack Remote Academy to anyone that wants to learn a new skill or improve an existing one, especially to students. Unfortunately, in my experience, university does not teach you too much about the IT industry and application development, so I find programs like this to be crucial in their personal and professional development.” 

Ana – the UMT Software Remote Academy 2020 finalist

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