Project Financial Server 2010 SP1 CU3

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We are excited to announce the public availability of UMT Project Financial Server 2010 Cumulative Update 3 (CU3), which adds new features and improvements to our flagship product line. UMT Project Financial Server 2010 CU3 rolls up all fixes included in CU1 and CU2 and can be installed over any UMT Project Financial Server 2010 SP1 baseline (including CU1 or CU2). With the release of CU3 we’re adding support for Project Server 2010 SP1 (and later).

List of issues addressed by CU3:

– Setup, installation, provisioning

  • kb001862: The installer can be executed in silent mode, with the following command line parameters:
  • /s: starts the setup in silent mode,
  • /i: installs the package,
  • /u: uninstalls the package, and returns the following codes: 0 – success, 1 – error (invalid parameter) and 2 (other error)
  • /pk:<product key>: sets the product key
  • /ak:<activation key>: sets the activation key

– Workflow

  • kb002027: Better error handling for the case where the SMTP server is not properly configured
  • kb001761: Better handling of the case where some approval tasks are deleted and the workflow could end up in the next stage
  • kb001629: Better race condition handling on workflow submission to next stage that could lead to the following message: “An error has occurred in the workflow. Contact your system administrator”
  • kb001792: Fixed incorrect logging of errors under additional workflow data when the web part used for entering minimum/maximum amount validation was in admin or view mode
  • kb001767:  Improvements to sending notifications to a group when a project is submitted to the next stage

– Web Parts

  • kb002030: Users without “Save project to Project Server” category permission are able to see all project’s web parts in read only mode
  • kb002029: Fixed incorrect error reporting on submission of an Actuals period following the deletion of the approval group

– Logging

  • kb001864: Fixed the Unknown logging category under the Diagnostic Logging page in SharePoint Central Administration
  • kb001863: The default logging is now information or medium for all categories. It was set to verbose for Queue and Setup.

– Administration

  • kb001816: An administrator account can be specifically defined to be used for calls to the PSI instead of the default site owner. A new people picker field has been added to the Edit Project Financial Server extension page, similar to the one used by Project Server for the administrative account
  • kb001981: The product version was reporting an incorrect value when having other UMT products installed on the same machine
  • kb001801: The total number of CALs is automatically assigned to the first created PFS instance in multi-tenant environments
  • kb001856: Improved error reporting in the Manage License page if the PWA site is in an inconsistent state

– Other fixes

  • kb002256: Project Server 2010 SP1 support: prior to CU3, a JS error is displayed for certain project-level operations such as Save or Submit due to an infrastructure change introduced by Project Server 2010 SP1
  • Fixed minor typos
  • kb001788: For a certain actual period, in Review Actuals only cost centers with values on this period are displayed in bold
  • kb000249: Cost Categories no longer disappear when change user locale
  • kb001976: Fixed digital signature envelope for UMT.CostModule.Upgrade.dll

– Cube

  • kb002026: Fixed difference in the values stored by the Project Financial Server and Project Server cubes for fractional numeric fields due to unnecessary rounding

Download link:

UMT Project Financial Server 2010 version history:
– RTM: 1.0.3023.1001
– SP1: 1.0.3602.1000
– CU1: 1.0.3825.1000
– CU2: 1.0.4106.1000
– CU3: 1.0.4322.1000

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