Summer Internship 2018


Our colleagues  Cezara Moldovan, Alexandra Pop, Raluca Georgiana Albuș and Liliana Pîrv  formerly interns of  UMT Software`s Summer Internship 2018 shared with us their experience during this exciting journey. It was not an easy one, but they were not alone and this is all about a memorable trip: having the right persons near you and a real purpose to invest in. 

“Last summer, we were given the wonderful opportunity to take part in this Internship program and it was, definitely, the kind of experience that we recommend to any young student willing to start a career in the IT field, one that consists of professionalism, enthusiasm, effectiveness in learning and lots of fun activities.
From the earliest stages of the recruiting process, we realized that the team we were going to join is incredibly well organized, cheerful and friendly. During the 2 months spent here as interns we blended in easier than we could have imagined and tied some meaningful friendships, all thanks to the team and especially our amazing mentors.
However, we not only came to master the technologies that we so briefly studied in college, but also had the chance to learn lots of new things. For instance, we got used to the Agile methodology, having daily meetings, with our mentors always being around in case we needed any kind of help. At the end of the program we also had the great satisfaction of being able to show off a project completely made by ourselves, one that will later be used by the company.”


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