UMT Project Financial Server 2010 SP1 CU4

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Cumulative Update 4 for Project Financial Server 2010 provides the following enhancements in response to customer and partner feedback:

  • Language packs
    • Added Finnish as the 5th fully supported language (alongside English, German, French, Spanish)
    • Updates to the German Language Pack
  • License compliance warning
    • The following message is displayed in the Project Financial Server – Financial Settings page when the number of CALs assigned to the PWA instance is exceeded: Compliance warning: The number of Project Financial Server users on your PWA instance exceeds the number of Client Access Licenses (CALs) assigned. Please work with your implementation partner or contact to purchase additional CALs
  • UI improvements
    • Added new stage-level setting to Display All Years. This option specifies if Cost and Benefits values will be displayed, by default, for all the years in the timeline. If this option is not checked, values will be displayed by default for the first year only (pre-CU4 behavior)
    • A number of informal/warning messages are now displayed in blue instead of red. Red is still used to display errors
    • Added new global setting for showing/hiding the currency symbol: Show currency symbol for financial values. If this option is unchecked, the currency symbol will not be displayed next to the numeric value
  • Cube
    • Fixed cube creation errors when using a SQL named instance
  • Access and security
    • Added new permission that controls whether a user can restore a version: Restore Financial Data Version. The new permission has to explicitly be checked for existing groups after the CU4 installation
    • Fixed admin-only cross-site scripting issues
  • Programmability
    • New event: OnReportingCompleted – fired after the reporting job finishes copying values from Main DB to the Reporting DB
    • New event: OnFinancialValuesRead – fired after the values are read from the UI (web-parts). Can be used for changing the way the values are displayed

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UMT Project Financial Server 2010 version history:

  • RTM: 1.0.3023.1001
  • SP1: 1.0.3602.1000
  • CU1: 1.0.3825.1000
  • CU2: 1.0.4106.1000
  • CU3: 1.0.4322.1000
  • CU4: 1.0.4514.1003

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