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Are you looking for exciting challenges, performance and innovation?

Are you self-motivated and willing to strive in an environment focused on delivering a quality-led software product?

If so, we want you in our team! Our people make us great and we have a feeling you might want to be one of them!

Cure your passion: Take on thought-provoking projects that challenge you and make you go the extra mile.

Go beyond the lines of code: Our philosophy is to explore, create and evolve together.

It’s a team effort: We love what we do and that helps us to come up with the best solutions and turn them into work that is both innovative, practical and fun!


From the very beginning, I want to say that the people you work with are very important. I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful and fun people that helped me become a better programmer during the internship period. I also got more from the product team after that. The internship was for me the basis of what followed, learning a lot by improving my back-end knowledge and discovering how amazing it is to work with the front-end technology without much experience on this side (almost none 😊). Also, besides the technological aspects, I felt for the first time what it felt like to really work in a team, on an application. I saw how to implement everyone’s ideas to build the best possible product. I consider the last summer’s experience was very useful for my development, putting into practice in my daily work what I learned then (and of course what followed 😊).

Learning can be fun with the right people.


My experience at UMT Software so far has been one that has helped me get out of my comfort zone, especially with the summer internship as a starting point, which has taught me what a programmer really means, how a company runs, but also how much it means to work in a friendly and welcoming environment, full of people who are always eager to teach and support you. This makes me feel part of a family here, not part of some regular job.
After almost a year of working for this company, I can say that it has helped me evolve, both professionally and personally, and I have met many beautiful people who have helped me achieve a lot.

Alexandra Vlad

I joined the UMT360 team more than 10 years ago and I still like it very much.

During this time I was given many opportunities like working as a technical consultant for Microsoft in the Redmond, WA or as an enterprise project management specialist for very big pharmaceuticals companies, in USA.

Even though I started as a programmer, the company saw in me the necessary skills to manage the entire Support process for all our products.

What is keeping me in the company are, in a random order: the people, the challenges, the flexible schedule, the opportunities, the care.

Andrei Barbulet

The years in this company have proven to me that it nourishes the best career evolution one might get in this, sometimes troublesome, domain. The dudes and dudettes, including me, here are helpful, motivated, ambitious and always try to improve one’s knowledge of everything related to technologies, flows and so on. That’s why I’m proud to say: “It’s a burden being wonderful like me!!!”

Alin Ciuciu

For me, UMT Software is the first company that I am working for, and I can sincerely say that it’s a great place to work as it is a diverse organization with great leadership and talented people. Here, I learned what being a programmer means and how things go on in a company. I’ve also learned how fun, easy and essential teamwork can be with such smart and great colleagues.

One of the things I appreciate most about coming to work is the friendly, family-oriented atmosphere and these people that have taught me so much and have given me the opportunity to grow successfully.